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The Wheelie Bin Litter Vacuums are the ideal litter vac, the vacuum will collect up litter, dog poo, cigarette ends and much more...

The wheelie bin vacuum collector is light and manoeuvrable and is great for litter collection after concerts and outdoor events where litter picking is a major task.

There`s a choice of either a 120 litre or 240 litre wheelie bin, you can have 3", 4" or 5" diameter hoses for different applications, such as: vacuum up dog poo, vacuum up cigarette ends and to vacuum up litter from schools, colleges and street cleaning etc.

Powered by the reliable Honda HHB25E 25cc 4-stroke engine producing 543 m2/h maximum air volume giving 70m/sec maximum air speed. The operator noise level is just 80.2dB[A] and is fitted with 0.4 litre fuel tank.

These litter collectors are ideal for picking up dog poo, cigarette ends, paper, cans, small bottles, broken glass, litter plus much more!!

Wheelie Bin Vacuum at a Glance...
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight and user friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • 3" or 4" or 5" Vacuum Hoses available
  • Inner Plastic Liner bags available.
For more information call us on 0845 373 1832 or email info@freshgroup.net

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Wheelie Bin Vac
Wheelie Bin Vacuum at School collecting litter

The 120 and 240 Litre capacity Wheelie Bin Vacuums are very quick and easy to use.
Wheelie Bin Vac litter collecting at Garden Centre

The Wheelie Bin Vacuum really offers you a very versatile, go almost anywhere capability.
Wheelie Bin Vacuum in shopping parade

Due to its light weight the Wheelie Bin Vacuum is ideal for use around paved shopping areas to get under seats etc.
Go Anywhere
Versatile Wheelie Bin Vacuum

The Wheelie Bin Vacuum really offers you a very versatile, go almost anywhere capability.
Quad Bike Mount
Wheelie Bin Vac on Quad or ATV

When mounted to a Quad bike the Wheelie Bin Vacuum can make very quick work of large area litter picking.

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