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Pot Mover News - New Mk2 version Pot Plant Mover now available. For use with all types of potted plants whether in terracotta pots, root ball semi mature trees to large shrubs for planting in the garden
The Heavy Pot Movers are a simple, yet very effective way of moving and handling heavy, large and awkward to handle potted products of difficult shapes and sizes such as semi-matured trees and larger potted shrubs.

Adjustable-Width Heavy Plant Pot Mover

The pot mover has been designed for both the professional and domestic user handling pots up to 160 litres.

Pot Mover Blade Dimensions:

Blade width: 170mm x 2

Blade length: 690mm

Leg height: 140mm

Narrow Position: Outside (wheel to wheel):
690mm / 380mm internal (between legs)

Wide Position: Outside (wheel to wheel):
925mm / 620mm (between legs)

How to calculate the size of pots versus the maximum width when adjusted:

Eg. Clearance through a side gate = 850mm

Open up width from 690 to 850 = 160mm

160mm + 380mm = 540mm wide pot

Note: The leg height is 140mm, therefore you MUST take you pot dimensions from this height, however you do not have to have the pot completely inbetween the legs, about 2/3rds on.

For more information call us on 0845 373 1832 or email info@freshgroup.net

Muck Truck

Muck Truck Brick Carrier
Fixed Platform Model
Pot moving trolley

Fixed platform model handles up to 160 Litre pot size.
"Side Claw to Lip" Mover
Semi mature tree Pot mover

The "side claw to lip" mover is adjustable in height to handle various size pots and fits through very narrow gateways.
110 Litre Pot Size
pot mover

"Side claw to lip" mover can handle up to 110 Litre pot size.
Heavy Pot Movers
heavy pot lifter

Easily pick up and move large heavy pots, ideal for garden centres and landscape gardeners.

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