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Muck Truck Power Wheelbarrow- The World's No.1 Micro Dumper

Muck Truck
Muck Truck Power Wheelbarrow
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Muck Truck mini dumper power barrows for builders and landscapers. The Motorised Muck truck range of Powered Wheelbarrows move building materials in tight spaces with ease. The Muck Truck Max Dumper Power barrow is a skip loader Muck Truck with many Muck Truck assessories for moving dirt, gravel, paving slabs, concrete and wet cement straight from the Belle Cement mixer.

The 4x4 Muck Truck power barrow is a mini dumper that moves all kinds of materials over almost any terrain, effortlessly! The four wheel drive muck truck fitted with large tyres and the powerful Honda GXV commercial 4-stroke engine is like a micro dumper, the Muck Truck will literally climb over obstacles and up steep inclines, carrying a quarter-ton load twice as fast as tracked machines at a fraction of the cost.

The Muck Truck is exceptionally stable, yet the perfect balance of the muck truck and center of gravity allows easy load-dumping without the added expense of a powered dump mechanism. When the muck truck was tested against tracked skip loaders it proved to shift twice as much material in the same amount of time. As easy to steer with a full load as it is when empty, the Muck Truck has four forward speeds and one reverse, this allows you to work quickly and efficiently.

The muck-truck power barrow is easy to transport and shifts loads quickly, it's ideal for:

Builders / Local Authorities
Muck Truck - Fast skip filling, easy to move paving slabs, bricks, rubble and waste.

Landscapers / Gardeners
Muck Truck - Carry rolls of turf, soil, gravel, mulch and waste material, easy to tip.

Garden Centres / Nurseries
Muck Truck - Transport plants, rocks, trees, compost and bulky garden stock quickly.

Farmers / Small Holdings / Stables
Muck Truck - Move straw and hay bales, feed, muck and rubbish easily.

Plant Hire Shops
Muck Truck - Easy to use so easy to hire, a cost effective hire solution.

For more information call us on 0845 373 1832 or email info@freshgroup.net

Muck Truck

Muck Truck Brick Carrier

Muck truck Loading

  • Works well with a number of other appliances, such as mini diggers and cement mixers.

  • The mini dumper has been in production for over 14 years

  • Honda GXV engine comes with a 24 month Honda backed consumer and commercial warranty

  • Can change mini dumper attachments in seconds

  • Tests have proven the Muck Truck moves approximately 5 to 6 times the amount a wheelbarrow does and approximately 2½ times the amount of material compared to a tracked skip loader or tracked skip carrier in the same amount of time

  • The muck truck is simple, quick & easy to use

  • Easy to steer, just like a wheel barrow

  • Virtually no effort required

  • Day after day usage without backache and pains

  • This mini dumper saves time, money and increases productivity

  • 4x4 muck truck Powerdrive - climbs 30° slopes, go anywhere capability

  • Carries approximately 2½ wheel barrow loads

  • Muck Truck ramp attachment enables safe, easy skip loading, also trailers and open back vans

  • Muck truck flat bed attachment enables paving slabs, bagged products etc to be easily moved

  • Only 0.7M (28″) wide - fits through average door or gate ways

  • Rides over the ground, where tracked skip loaders and tracked carriers cut into ground's surface & are a lot bigger, slower & awkward to operate

  • The muck truck can also part load tip

  • Transportable – the muck truck climbs into and out of vans on its own with no need to leave on site

  • The mini dumper carries 15 x 1M rolls of turf

  • Quick payback time against your investment

  • Many other muck truck attachments available
Muck truck Power Wheelbarrow
Muck Truck Loading Ramp
Muck Truck Max loading ramp

A 'must have' for Builders and Hire Shops.
The loading ramp, ruggedly constructed of 2x5ft sections, enables safe tipping into a skip or truck. Easy to assemble on-site by one person. The ramp folds flat for easy transportation, the micro dumper will sit neatly and securely on top of the ramp, across the width of a standard transit van.
Dimensions: (W) 778mm (30.6") (L) 1520mm (59.8") x 2 (H) 108mm (4.3")
Weight: 55kg (top- 35kg, bottom - 20kg)
Muck Truck - multi purpose 4x4 power barrow
Muck Truck Power Barrow

The muck truck mini dumper has many uses where you would currently use a wheel barrow with the useful attachments.
Muck Truck - self loading power barrow
Muck Truck load into Van

The mini dumper climbs into and out of vans and even some 4x4 Pick ups, so no need to leave on site at the risk of theft, for high level vehicles you may need the muck truck loading ramp.
Muck Truck fits through doorways and side gates
Muck Truck fits through doorways and side gates

At only 0.7M or 28" wide this highly maneuverable mini dumper goes hand in hand with the Micro Diggers making light work of material movement from the rear of properties where access is a problem.
Muck Truck works well with micro diggers and mini diggers
Muck Truck works well with micro diggers and mini diggers

Where you need to move materials quickly and easily, the Muck Truck 4x4 Power Barrow is the ideal Mini Dumper to get the job done.
Muck Truck makes light work of gradients!
Muck Truck climbs up gradients!

Carrying up to tonne and coping with slopes of up to 30 and being able to go anywhere a tracked skip loader or tracked carrier can go, the muck truck does so at a fraction of the price. The muck truck power barrow continues to be an ever popular choice with builders and landscapers, plus many others these days, remember if your using a wheel barrow on a regular basis, you really should consider the benefits of the muck truck 4x4 mini dumper.

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