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A PC50 paddock cleaner was supplied to Caroline and Martin Day from the New Forest, having a few Alpaca boys as pets she needed an easy solution for poo picking her fields, Caroline ordered the paddock cleaner at 6:30PM on the Friday, Keith at Fresh Group did advise that it might not fit into her Mini Cooper being such a small car but Caroline wanted to try so Keith met her at the works unit at 11:45PM on the Saturday where he "carefully" loaded it into her new "Goodman" Mini Cooper and to everyones astonishment it fitted nicely, now Caroline is happily poo Vacuuming her paddocks keeping the Alpacas clear of infections from poor paddock maintenance

Paddock Cleaner feedback - David Townsend recently purchased his Trafalgar Swivel Paddock Cleaner and kindly sent the following comments
"Hello Keith, just to let you know that having used the paddock cleaner for 2 months now I can honestly say that it exceeds expectations, it picks up anything even in long wet grass and my wife remains delighted with her Birthday present although many of our friends still think it was a strange present, regards, David"

Paddock Cleaner News
Stop Press - Paddock Cleaner swivel models now available with a super wide axle, if your horses graze in fields which have considerable slopes then the new wide axle option on our ever popular paddock vacuum model that swivel are the answer offering excellent stability, available with the standard wheels arrangement or the larger ATV Quad Bike wheel system

The revolutionary Trafalgar Paddock Vacuum range is in a class of its own offering manual, towable and self-propelled paddock vacuum cleaners. Paddock and stable clearing just couldn't be quicker or easier than with our paddock cleaners.

These equestrian poo hoovers are rugged, yet lightweight in design, easy to start and simple to use. The clean fan system means there is less chance of blockage being easy to clean with excellent reliability with reduced maintenance and wear. Whether the poo is old or new, in short or long grass, even wet or dry poo, scattered or in big piles the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner vacuums it up ALL YEAR ROUND.

To empty the Trafalgar Paddock Vacuum simply release the catches and pivot the rear lid into its locking position and tip the paddock vacuum container to release the poo from the paddock cleaner. To clean the Poova, again just couldn't be easier, no need to even use a hose pipe, instead of sucking up poo, just suck up water, air, water, air, water to clean out the paddock vacuum, empty and store ready for the next time.

With paddock maintenance and worming and parasite control being ever more important in maintaining fit, healthy animals these days our range of Trafalgar unique ‘clean fan’ paddock cleaners are so quick and easy to use you'll wonder how you ever managed without them!

People that have a use for our Trafalgar paddock vacuums:
  • Equestrian Centres of all types from the one horse owner to the large studs, livery yards and riding centres, riding schools
  • Alpaca breeders and owners in the UK
  • Poultry and game rearing farms and estates
  • Wildlife Parks and Zoos
  • Race Courses
  • Clay pigeon shoots, collecting spent clays and cartridges.
Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner at a glance:
  • Clean Fan system (ALL year round useage)
  • Superior suction
  • Towable and self-propelled models
  • 450, 500 and 1000 litre size
  • Kawasaki industrial engine - very low maintenance
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Easy to empty
  • Non corroding collection tank (five years warranty)
  • Picks up leaves from gravel and flower beds
  • 2 years warranty (includes the engine, excludes flexi hose and door seal)
  • 5 years warranty on collection tank
  • Unique 360° swivel model – compared to other paddock vacuum it typically reduces poo picking time by 66%
  • The PC450 self-propelled paddock vacuum means no need to invest in a towing vehicle saving a lot of money with muck truck attachments available to make it a multi-purpose machine.

For more information
call us on 0845 373 1832
or email info@freshgroup.net


Trafalgar Paddock Cleaners are towable
Paddock Cleaner Countax Lawnmower
The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaners can be towed by Ride-on lawn mowers, ATV/Quad bikes, small or large tractors, utility vehicles and even 4WD motor vehicles.
Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner PC1000 Series
PC1000 Paddock Vacuum Quad ATV
The PC1000 series is the largest of the paddock cleaner range offering a bulk capacity of 720 litres as a towable version. Length - 245cm, width - 110cm, height - 136cm.
New PC1000 Swivel Paddock Cleaner
PC1000 Swivel Paddock Cleaner
The NEW PC1000 Swivel model, born from the PC500 Swivel, now means you can empty half the number of times than the smaller 500 models but have the unique benefit of the swivel, reducing poo picking by a minimum of 50%, ideal for the user that has more horses, ponies ...
Trafalgar PC500S Swivel Paddock Cleaner
Swivel Paddock Cleaner
The unique NEW PC500S Swivel paddock cleaner, quite simply this paddock vacuum is set on a 360 rotating turn table, giving a 7.5M cleaning circumference reducing paddock cleaning time by 2/3rds on average. Length - 235cm, width - 100cm, height - 135cm.
Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner PC450 Series
Self Powered Paddock cleaner
The PC450 series is a self propelled paddock cleaner offering users the flexibility of poo picking without the need of any towing vehicles, it also has many other useful attachments shown in our Muck Truck product section. Length - 150cm, width - 85cm, height - 135cm.
Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner PC360
Paddock Cleaner Utility Vehicle
The PC360 Paddock Vacuum is a self-contained Paddock Cleaner unit mounted on its own frame which attaches to your own vehicle. Typically this type of Paddock Cleaner is fitted to the following utility vehicles: Kawasaki Mule, John Deere Gator and Kubota RTV utility vehicles. The PC360 Paddock Vacuum is in fact the same vacuum unit as the PC500 models and the base frame is then secured to the utility vehicle. The PC360 Paddock Vacuum is also available as a swivel model (as shown in photo). Length - 142cm, width - 84cm, height - 107cm.
PC50 pull along Paddock Cleaner
Pull Along Paddock Cleaner
This Paddock Cleaner is compact, quick and easy to to use, it is ideal for small volume poo picking duties, typically used owners of Alpacas, Goats, Sheep etc. The clever designed trolley and balloon tyres ensure easy operation. It is light and easy to breakdown to 3 parts and fit into most cars making it fully transportable. Easy to empty onto a muck pile or better still fill direct into bags and sell as bagged manure. The PC50 Paddock Cleaner will also sucks up acorns, leaves, conkers, general litter, cigarette ends, Dog and Fox poo and much more....
PC500 Swan Neck Hand Pull Paddock Cleaner
Poo Vacuum
As well as being a paddock vacuum it also has many other usages such as:
  • Animal faeces such as alpaca droppings and dog poo
  • Poultry and game shed litter
  • Shotgun cartridges and spent clays
  • Leaves, garden waste and pond cleaning
  • Wood shavings, sawdust, shredded paper etc
  • Acorns, conkers and chestnuts
  • General litter
  • Picks up leaves from gravel and flower beds.
2012 Wheelie Bin PC240 Paddock Cleaner
Poo Vacuum
Ideal as a dog poo vacuum or a general litter vacuum. Fitted with the Honda GXV 57 low-noise/high-performance 4-stroke engine means straightforward unleaded petrol is used.

Available as a standard pull-along unit or, for more uneven ground, there is an option to supply with a hand-pull trolley fitted.
Paddock Cleaner Engine Options
Poo Vacuum
Paddock Cleaner Engines

The PC450, PC500 and PC1000 models are all available with either a Kawasaki KRB650B 2-stroke engine or the Honda GXH50 4-stroke engine.

The PC50 Hand Pull and Back Pack Vacuum models come fitted as standard with the Honda GX25 4-stroke engine.

The Wheelie Bin PC240 model comes fitted as standard with the Honda GXV57 4-stroke engine.

The Honda 4-stroke engines offer the paddock cleaner range many advantages, some listed below:-
  • Quieter
  • Cleaner
  • Easier to start
  • Typically 50% to 70% more fuel efficient offering considerable running costs compared to 2-stroke engine
  • Typically better performance.

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