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The Parker Vac 35 Litter Vacuum

Parker Vac 35
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Vac 35 ... is the world`s number 1 outdoor litter vacuum solution for industrial vacuum cleaning, suitable to many different applications.

It is ideal for collecting up cigarette ends, general litter, empty cans, plastic bottles and fast food containers and much more, its powerful suction means it can be used in a multitude of applications from general outdoor litter collecting and after event litter picking operations to industrial cleaning applications such as warehouse and manufacturing areas where keeping the work place clean and tidy can be a real, costly and difficult problem to deal with.

The Vac 35 litter vacuum's large capacity all-terrain quick litter pickup industrial sweeper is the answer.

At a Glance ...

  • Battery, LP Gas or Petrol powered
  • Manual or the NEW Hydrastatic Self Propelled units
  • Various Bag options to suit various applications
  • 4" or 6" or 8" Wander Hose for awkward to get at spots
  • 10 different models to choose from
  • 36" vacuum head now available
  • Liner bags available for easier handling
  • Bag support platform for balanced machine.

For more information call us on 0845 373 1832 or email info@freshgroup.net

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Vac 35 Litter Vacuum Battery Model
Vac 35 Litter Vacuum Battery Model

For indoor use the battery model is a must for clean environment collection applications. Used in warehouses and production companies, also when fitted with the wander hose the Vac 35 is ideal for cleaning down machines, around pallet racking etc etc.
Vac 35 Litter Vacuum Seat Attachment
Vac 35 Litter Vacuum with Ride on Seat Attachment

The easy-to-attach seat ensures less fatigue, increasing operator comfort and maximum productivity, also known as the sulky seat.
Vac 35 Litter Vacuum Wander Hose Attachment
Vac 35 Litter Vacuum Wander Hose Attachment

The 15` wander hose enables debris to be removed from difficult-to-reach areas.
Vac 35 Litter Vacuum LP Gas Model
Vac 35 Litter Vacuum LP Gas Model

The LP Gas model allows for use where petrol is not permitted, an alternative to the Vac 35 Litter Vacuum battery version.

Contact VAC 35 Muck Truck Paddock Cleaners Fresh Group Products Limited
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tel: +44 (0) 845 3731 832

email info@freshgroup.net

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