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The Kleensweep 35W (KS 35w) is a 34" walk-behind sweeper with excellent sweeping performance on all types of floors.

Otherwise known as the Minuteman Parker Kleensweep 35W, the KS 35W is extremely economical, easy to operate and gives you dust-free sweeping at 36,600 actual square feet per hour.

At a Glance...

  • Compact Rider Sweeper
  • Long run times, up to 4 hours
  • Climbs up to a 12 degree grade
  • Self adjusting Main Broom
  • Fine dust control system provides 99% efficiency
  • Ideal for both hard and carpeted surfaces
For more information call us on 0845 373 1832 or email info@freshgroup.net

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Kleen Sweep 35W for Driveways
Empty Karcher sweeper

The 1.66 cubic foot hopper recovers a large variety of debris. Since the KS 35W uses an over throw sweeping method, the hoppers can be filled to 100% capacity. The hopper is easily removed by rolling it away from the main unit. The debris can be easily emptied using the two ergonomic handy hopper inserts.
Working Method
Litter sweeper collection method

The side brush collects dirt from the corners and edges and sweeps it into the path of the wide broom. This, in turn, conveys the dirt into the hopper using an overthrow method. The fine dust is collected by the vacuum impeller and separated by the filters. Only dust-free filtered air leaves the machine.
Highly Efficient Dust Filter System
Litter sweeper filter dust system

The large 18.3 cubic foot panel filter system captures fine dust and drops it directly into the hopper. This system provides longer dust-free sweeping. The dust vacuum suction can be shut off when sweeping wet areas so that the filter isn't damaged or clogged.
Easy Maintenance
Parker sweeper  low maintenance

Heavy-duty ABS cover opens wide for easy access to interior components. The cover has an automatic shut off for safety.

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