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Muck Truck Power Wheelbarrow- FAQs

Mini dumper power barrow muck truck questions on how to wheel barrow concrete, paving slabs, crazy paving, gravel, dirt, bricks, cement from a Belle Cement mixer. The Muck Truck Pedestrian Mini dumpers are the Power Barrow for builders and landscapers. The Motorised Muck truck narrow access small skip loader dumper range of powered wheelbarrows moves building materials in tight spaces with ease.

Questions we get asked about the Muck Truck Power Barrow ...

1. Q - Can I fill up a skip fully using just the Muck Truck and loading ramp?
A – Yes, Once you have filled the end you are loading from, simply drive the muck truck into the skip with the bucket in the tipped position (90°) and push the dirt or materials across the skip to the other end, then work your way back with each tip to the loading end, this way your Muck Truck can fill up a skip completely.

2. Q – What is the parts ordering process?
A – Parts are kept in stock, if you process your order by 12noon you will receive your parts on the following working day.

3. Q – Why is the Muck Truck so stable?
A – The power barrow is built on 4 wheels, it has a low centre of gravity, also the centre point of the machine ensures that it is stable, especially useful when filling the muck truck using a micro or mini digger

4. Q – What is the Muck Truck four wheel drive system and why is it so effective?
A – The power drive is what enables it to travel up inclines up to 30° with a full load, it works by all six wheels being connected to each other under tyre friction, the front wheels are the driving wheels, which in turn create a reverse motion of the smaller centre wheels, which in turn creates drive into the rear wheels giving the four wheel drive system.

5. Q – How do I know if I have a MK 1, 2 or 3 model Muck Truck?
A – Every machine has a serial number marked on an ID plate, simply quote this number and we can tell you.

6. Q – How do I change direction when using my Muck Truck?
A – Due to the power barrow being perfectly balanced whether loaded or unloaded, you change direction like steering a wheel barrow with a very slight lifting of the handle bars and then you turn accordingly.

7. Q – Does the Muck Truck start easily?
A – Most definitely, almost everyone can start the muck truck with ease.

8. Q – Is the Muck Truck complicated or easy to use?
A – It is the easiest to use mini dumper in the marketplace today, easy starting, simple steering due to the wheel barrow type technique and most of all its perfect balance, unlike complicated skid/steer skip loader type dumpers.

9. Q – Do Muck Truck UK have a network of dealers offering after sales support on their products?
A – Yes, the Muck Truck has been in production since the late 80s and has a very well established dealer network to support its customers.

Muck Truck

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