What our customers think about Paddock Cleaners and Fresh Group

Mrs Dawn Ellis & Glynis Pearson, Aria Equine Spa Company
Lowestoft, Suffolk
7 Horses spread over 7 acres, separated by electric tape, normally in 1 acre areas.

WOW, Keith we have put your Muck Truck Paddock Cleaner through its paces every day, having had a Tippa paddock cleaner for 10 years previously to your Trafalgar machine and being a hands on girl, and me & mum being 42 and 63 years of age, I am more than happy to let you know all the different ways we use the paddock cleaner and the ways it is so much better and easier to use.

Due to the weather and snow recently we have had our 7 horses constantly stabled on wood pellets, therefore the paddock cleaner is being used for this alone twice a day, areas we found it is particularly good at, are sucking up the compacted wet bedding, backbreaking before, now we take your paddock cleaner into the stable and just suck it up, if I need to clean a complete stable and put new bedding down, before we would need to shovel out and sweep manually, now we just suck it all up taking just 20 minutes compared to 1 hour WITHOUT THE LOWER BACK PAIN!

The very 1st weekend we used your paddock cleaner to clear an area of 4 acres that 5 horses had been on, due to the weather conditions there was 2 weeks worth to poo, it took just 2 hours to clean and the Trafalgar paddock vacuum was fantastic, not only was the suction superb and it got EVERYTHING up I was also able to get into every part of the paddock, even my field shelters, being a Self propelled machine, just BRILLIANT! So much better than our old towable paddock vacuum.

Me and Mum also find the whole machine light and easy handle, particularly the flexible hose and the black suction pipe that you hold, no need to bend over, just so much lighter than our old poo vacuum, occasionally, when cleaning the stables or field shelters our old machine use to block fairly regularly, in fairness the new paddock cleaner has blocked a couple of times where I have sucked up too much in one go, it normally happens when you suck up a mixture of poo, bedding and loose hay which has been dropped from the hay nets and they get mixed in together, with our old paddock cleaner it was an absolute nightmare to clean, because of the blade, you had to switch off the engine, it used to block in two areas, the pipe and the blade area, because the pipe was much bigger and heavier when empty, it was sheer hell to remove it and un-block it, then the area around the blade would also be just as bad to clean, I used to use a large screwdriver and hack at the poo etc, all this would take me about 1 hour to do, hence it became a pain in the ar*e to do! Since we’ve had our Trafalgar paddock cleaner it`s so much quicker, easier, MUCH less messy to un-block, 9 times out of 10, I just shake the hose and it clears itself, once I had to reduced the revs to tick over, opened the door and pulled through some hay where it was about to enter the collection tank, otherwise it`s been great.

Having an address like....“Woodlands farm”.... you can imagine we are surrounded by trees, you said it was excellent for sucking up leaves, well, you were so right, an area that would normally take 5 people - 2 adults on ride-on lawnmowers with grass collectors, me on the quad and our old paddock vacuum and my 2 kids racking up used to take us ALL day, I cleared the same area ON MY OWN in just 3 hours using your paddock vacuum.

We also have used the paddock cleaner for sucking up a big puddle of water by the paddock gate and vacuuming cobwebs from the stables, even through the meshed windows, it`s also great for keeping the area we fill the hay nets clean and tidy the suction gets the loose hay and seeds up, even through the pallet as well, it just does the job brilliantly.

Keith, Me and Mum are more than impressed with our paddock cleaner, everything you said it would do it is doing, and, beyond our expectations, please feel free to use us as a reference to both your product and your company, you have been a pleasure to deal with, good luck with business, we really feel that we have been well advised and looked after, thanks again.
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Sandy Easton
Hassall, Cheshire
We bought our Trafalgar paddock cleaner back in October 2009, it`s regularly used for poo picking 3 paddocks spread over 4½ acres which is on fairly flat ground. Myself and my wife both use the paddock cleaner with me in my 60`s and my wife in her 50s we find it very light and easy to use in every aspect, I would say 3 times quicker than when we used to do it manually!

Probably equally as impressive, to us anyway! We use the paddock cleaner seasonally keeping the 14 acre estate clear of leaves and debris, we have well in excess of 100 deciduous trees dropping their leaves etc, in particular we have 6 “Copper Beech” trees (Dirty trees), 2 of which are 80 Ft tall, which require a lot of clearing up after at different times of the year, the paddock cleaner is used for picking up the leaves, sheaves, kernels (spiky shells) to the beech nuts themselves whether closed or open. On top of that we also have 5 Oak trees shedding their acorns and leaves, when using the paddock cleaner for these duties I would say it is at least 6 times faster than doing the job manually.

Unfortunately we have just seized the paddock cleaner which has a 2-stroke Kawasaki engine, we contacted Fresh Group as they supplied us with the paddock cleaner originally, we got the same prompt and professional service from Keith, and he is supplying us with the replacement Honda 4-stroke engine.

I have to say the Trafalgar paddock cleaner is very light and easy to use, it`s has done a fantastic job for us and is a great time saver, I would thoroughly recommend both the Fresh Group and the paddock cleaner, 1st class service.
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John Watkins
Bewdley Bank, Hereford
We used to have a big old Tippa paddock cleaner which broke down on us and we couldn`t get the spare parts as they have now gone out of business, after a few months poo picking manually we realised we needed to replace our paddock cleaner, we have 5 horses over 9 acres split into 3 paddocks, after careful consideration we choose the Trafalgar paddock cleaner based on the write ups and the fact it was much less to buy.

After talking to Keith about the their paddock cleaner and its “unique clean fan” suction system we arranged a demo, due to our commitments Keith came out on a Sunday (which I have to say impressed me), needless to say we were further impressed as Keith left us with the PC1000 model powered by the Honda 4-stroke engine. As well as it taking about a 1/3 of the time of manual poo picking I have noticed how much more fuel efficient the Trafalgar paddock cleaner is compared to our old Tippa.
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Richard Pitman
Letcombe Regis, Oxfordshire
Retired Jump Jockey, Author and BBC and Sky TV Horseracing Commentator

I purchased a paddock cleaner last year and cannot express enough how pleased I am with it. I have 12 acres of land, split into paddocks and we poo pick all 12 acres on a daily basis. The paddock cleaner is used by several people, including my daughter, who is only 5’ tall.

Prior to this, we poo picked manually, which was simply slow and hard work. The shaving fork was leaving some of it behind and the shovel picked up the poo as well as half the turf. It was just a “pain in the***”. Paddock maintenance and cleaning is now 3 times faster. Based on Keith’s advice, we chose the PC1000 swivel paddock cleaner and as he suggested the benefit of the 360° swivel and the large collection tank has considerably cut down the time we spend poo picking. The machine is light and easy to manoeuvre.

The paddock cleaner is fantastic: easy to hitch up and light and easy to start. Apart from the poo picking, we use it for sucking up leaves and grass and sucking up the conkers from 38 mature conker trees which fall over 2 paddocks. We also intend to use it for cleaning out the water troughs and cleaning the horseboxes.

I would “absolutely 100% recommend” the product and the service provided by Keith at Fresh Group. He got back to me immediately following my initial enquiry and his knowledge and advice of both the product and our needs was excellent. The demonstration was also useful as it enabled us to purchase the correct machine to suit our needs.

Once again, Keith, a big thank you for your professional service. The product and your company are first class.
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