What our customers think about the Muck Truck and Fresh Group

Tom & Lyn Roberts, Chicken Farmers
Dymchurch, Kent
Keith, we have only had our muck truck a week but already we are finding a 101 uses for it! My niece who is 34 went and collected ½ ton of sheep feed which was 25 bags at 20 kgs each, normally we would struggle with 3 bags at a time pushing the wheelbarrow through a muddy footpath and a narrow gate, using the muck truck she did all 25 bags carefully stacked in only “two trips” and the muck truck just drove through the mud as if it wasn`t there, from the front of the house to the storage shed is about 400 yards, very impressive!

We mainly bought the muck truck to clean out our chicken sheds in the winter, we pull out the “droppings boards” and using a hand held back hoe tool we scrape the droppings straight into the muck truck but the real benefit of the muck truck is that it holds so much more compared to a wheelbarrow and it just drives effortlessly through our wet muddy conditions.

We have also been using it this week for repairing our footpaths which we are regularly filling the uneven areas where puddles/mud seems to form, our neighbour has a number of broken roof tiles and we have some general rubble that we use so the muck truck has been very useful for this job. Also, I can see that I will use it for lots of different jobs around the farm, the muck truck is proving to be a very useful time saver, both my wife, niece and myself have found it very easy to use.

Thanks again Keith for an excellent service from start to finish, I would be more than happy to act as a reference to both Fresh Group and the muck truck product.
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Ron Eyre & Clare Worsley
Shefford, Bedfordshire
We bought our Muck Truck from Fresh Group last December, we keep 3 horses over 2 acres at a nearby livery yard, whilst the paddocks are generally flat and in the main well drained, the Muck Truck in some parts of our fields has gone through some pretty sloppy, muddy areas with ease where it would be near impossible to push a wheelbarrow through.

Myself and Clare are both in our 50s and when manually poo picking we would certainly feel aches and pains in our lower back and legs, now we have our Muck Truck it`s a breeze.

When we spoke to Keith about purchasing the Muck Truck he advised us that the skip extensions would be very useful to bulk up the volume of the Muck Truck and they certainly have done that, I would say we get at least 5 times the amount into the Muck Truck than we would into a normal wheelbarrow, we have to empty about ½ a mile away from the paddocks, now we are only making 1 trip compared to 5+ trips! Roughly speaking I would say, what would have taken us 45-50 minutes is now taking us 10 minutes, but just as important, myself and Clare are a lot healthier in ourselves because the Muck Truck is saving our lower back and legs from wear and tear!

Keith thanks for an excellent service, your knowledge and advice has been invaluable, from start to finish we found your company and the product 1st class, guiding us to get the skip extensions was a definite winner. It`s not often you buy something that your this happy with, please feel free to use us a reference to the Muck Truck and Fresh Group, thanks again, Ron & Clare
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Kevin Rostock – Builder ..... and his wife has 2 horses, uses the Muck Truck for poo picking in the paddock!
Invergordon, Rosshire, Scotland
We bought our Muck Truck Max last year back in March 2011. I have to say “It`s probably one of the best things I have bought in my business and I should have got one years ago”. I use the muck truck in my building business and my wife nicks the muck truck for poo picking her 3 acre paddock where she keeps her 2 horses, the paddock is on quite a steep hill and it used to be a nightmare when doing manually with a wheelbarrow, now it`s a doddle!

For me - well it gets used regularly, being very easy to transport around in my Volkswagen Pick Up. Overall I would say the muck truck is 4 to 5 times quicker than doing the jobs manually, as a small builder a lot of my work is house extensions where access is a problem, the muck truck is very quick and easy to use and fits through side gates with ease, recently we had to lay concrete where access was particularly tight, in the past I would have had 3 men on the job, now, using the muck truck it just needed 2 men, one using the muck truck and the other finishing the concrete, when barrowing the concrete I would say we were able to carry at least 4 times the amount using the muck truck than we would have with a normal wheelbarrow with the guys being “completely finished by the end of the day`s work”, we also have loaded it using a site cement mixer.

On your advice we also bought the muck truck flat bed attachment which we can change over in seconds, we use it a lot, to date we have moved paving slabs, blocks, bricks, mono blocks.

We use the muck truck for removing soil etc from customer sites; we use our ramps and load both the pick up and an Ifor Williams trailer which has drop sides

As you know we purchased separately the muck truck snow plough attachment last December, we have used it to clear snow on a number of occasions since, we have a large drive area and also a very large patio, I was amazed at how well the muck truck did the job, I would say about 10 times quicker than I have ever done it before, excellent!

Keith, I have been VERY pleased with my muck truck purchase and your company, you gave me excellent advice and guidance in my investment from the moment I spoke to you, please feel free to use me as a reference for any of your new customers, regards, Kevin.
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Neil Simpson
Stockbridge, Hampshire
Thanks Keith for supplying our Muck Truck Max dumper, we use it to maintain a 50 acre private estate. In the main we use the Muck Truck in the closed quarters of the estate (about 5 acres I would guess) we tend to use it like a high capacity powered wheelbarrow, we have quite a lot of steps and lawned inclines to get to different levels of the grounds, the muck truck climbs the steps and drives up the inclines with ease, it`s at least 3 times faster than a conventional wheelbarrow and I can get a lot more done in a day because I am nowhere near as exhausted as I used to be when using a normal wheelbarrow.

We use the muck truck in conjunction with a small tractor and trailer, the muck truck carries everything from soil, hedge cuttings fallen branches, dead flowers, fallen fruit, leaves, just about everything.

From our first conversation to the prompt delivery coupled together with your obvious knowledge of your product and understanding our needs I feel the whole experience has been a pleasurable one and I would have no hesitation in recommending both your company and the muck truck product to any of your future customers
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