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Richard Pitman
(Paddock Cleaner)

Richard Pitman paddock Cleaner

Retired Jump Jockey, Author and BBC and Sky TV Horseracing Commentator

I purchased a paddock cleaner last year and cannot express enough how pleased I am with it. I have 12 acres of land, split into paddocks and we poo pick all 12 acres on a daily basis. The paddock cleaner is used by several people, including my daughter, who is only 5’ tall.

Prior to this, we poo picked manually, which was simply slow and hard work. The shaving fork was leaving some of it behind and the shovel picked up the poo as well as half the turf. It was just a “pain in the***”. Paddock maintenance and cleaning is now 3 times faster. Based on Keith’s advice, we chose the PC1000 swivel paddock cleaner and as he suggested the benefit of the 360° swivel and the large collection tank has considerably cut down the time we spend poo picking. The machine is light and easy to manoeuvre.

The paddock cleaner is fantastic: easy to hitch up and light and easy to start. Apart from the poo picking, we use it for sucking up leaves and grass and sucking up the conkers from 38 mature conker trees which fall over 2 paddocks. We also intend to use it for cleaning out the water troughs and cleaning the horseboxes.

I would “absolutely 100% recommend” the product and the service provided by Keith at Fresh Group. He got back to me immediately following my initial enquiry and his knowledge and advice of both the product and our needs was excellent. The demonstration was also useful as it enabled us to purchase the correct machine to suit our needs.

Once again, Keith, a big thank you for your professional service. The product and your company are first class.
Tom & Lyn Roberts, Chicken Farmers Dymchurch, Kent
(Muck Truck MAX Dumper)
Keith, we have only had our muck truck a week but already we are finding a 101 uses for it!

My niece who is 34 went and collected ½ ton of sheep feed which was 25 bags at 20 kgs each, normally we would struggle with 3 bags at a time pushing the wheelbarrow through a muddy footpath and a narrow gate, using the muck truck she did all 25 bags carefully stacked in only “two trips” and the muck truck just drove through the mud as if it wasn`t there, from the front of the house to the storage shed is about 400 yards, very impressive!

We mainly bought the muck truck to clean out our chicken sheds in the winter, we pull out the “droppings boards” and using a hand held back hoe tool we scrape the droppings straight into the muck truck but the real benefit of the muck truck is that it holds so much more compared to a wheelbarrow and it just drives effortlessly through our wet muddy conditions.

We have also been using it this week for repairing our footpaths which we are regularly filling the uneven areas where puddles/mud seems to form, our neighbour has a number of broken roof tiles and we have some general rubble that we use so the muck truck has been very useful for this job. Also, I can see that I will use it for lots of different jobs around the farm, the muck truck is proving to be a very useful time saver, both my wife, niece and myself have found it very easy to use.

Thanks again Keith for an excellent service from start to finish, I would be more than happy to act as a reference to both Fresh Group and the muck truck product.
Mark & Shelly Perth
(Muck Truck Paddock Cleaner)
Keith, thank you so much for the supply of our paddock cleaner, as you may remember we have 5 draft horses that live outdoors and over the Winter they have lived in 3 paddocks next to the house spanning about an acre and a half in all, so the paddock cleaner since arriving has been earning its keep so to speak.

As you can imagine the poo-picking is pretty much a daily chore that had to be done with scoop and wheel barrow, and of course if a day or two or three were missed the volume was so much greater for the next session. Tedious, time consuming and wearing on the back.

The paddock cleaner really came to the rescue. What normally took about a week (one 2 hour session each day for 5 days), can now be done in one 2 hour session. We have the model that takes regular green petrol in both engines and this makes it easy and convenient to top up regularly, without the hassle of the 2 stroke mix. Also, I believe it is slightly more economical. The muck truck seems to go on forever without refilling the tank and the vacuum itself is also very frugal with the fuel. I am delighted with this as I was a little concerned about the cost of running two engines.

We have found the paddock cleaner remarkably easy to use, my wife often uses it on her own, and my only criticism is that it is quite heavy to change direction as there is no steering mechanism. That aside, the ground our horses live on is very steep in places and lumpy and the paddock cleaner copes with this terrain admirably and holds an enormous amount of poo before requiring emptying. This is easily done with the tipper function.

The overall quality of the Muck truck and paddock cleaner is excellent, rugged and robust. We have not removed the paddock vacuum from its mounting to use the skip yet but it looks like a simple task.

Overall we are delighted. Both Shelley and I are physically stretched during the winter months and this great machine has come as a bit of a god-send and shall prove its usefulness and labour-saving qualities for years to come. Moreover, the customer service provided by Fresh Group has been excellent. A truly 'hand-held' service with quick responses with clear and detailed answers. Fresh Group even managed to deliver to Scotland in 4 days from the date of purchase which was remarkable considering it was close to Christmas and the massive snowfall was well and truely upon us. We really do feel we have been looked after and would unhesitatingly recommend the Muck Truck Paddock Cleaner and Fresh Group to anyone.
Ron Eyre & Clare Worsley Shefford, Bedfordshire
(Muck Truck)
We bought our Muck Truck from Fresh Group last December, we keep 3 horses over 2 acres at a nearby livery yard, whilst the paddocks are generally flat and in the main well drained, the Muck Truck in some parts of our fields has gone through some pretty sloppy, muddy areas with ease where it would be near impossible to push a wheelbarrow through.

Myself and Clare are both in our 50s and when manually poo picking we would certainly feel aches and pains in our lower back and legs, now we have our Muck Truck it`s a breeze. When we spoke to Keith about purchasing the Muck Truck he advised us that the skip extensions would be very useful to bulk up the volume of the Muck Truck and they certainly have done that, I would say we get at least 5 times the amount into the Muck Truck than we would into a normal wheelbarrow, we have to empty about ½ a mile away from the paddocks, now we are only making 1 trip compared to 5+ trips!

Roughly speaking I would say, what would have taken us 45-50 minutes is now taking us 10 minutes, but just as important, myself and Clare are a lot healthier in ourselves because the Muck Truck is saving our lower back and legs from wear and tear! Keith thanks for an excellent service, your knowledge and advice has been invaluable, from start to finish we found your company and the product 1st class, guiding us to get the skip extensions was a definite winner.

It`s not often you buy something that your this happy with, please feel free to use us a reference to the Muck Truck and Fresh Group, thanks again, Ron & Clare
Kevin Rostock – Builder ..... and his wife has 2 horses, uses the Muck Truck for poo picking in the paddock! Invergordon, Rosshire, Scotland
(Muck Truck MAX Dumper)

We bought our Muck Truck Max last year back in March 2011. I have to say “It`s probably one of the best things I have bought in my business and I should have got one years ago”. I use the muck truck in my building business and my wife nicks the muck truck for poo picking her 3 acre paddock where she keeps her 2 horses, the paddock is on quite a steep hill and it used to be a nightmare when doing manually with a wheelbarrow, now it`s a doddle!

For me - well it gets used regularly, being very easy to transport around in my Volkswagen Pick Up. Overall I would say the muck truck is 4 to 5 times quicker than doing the jobs manually, as a small builder a lot of my work is house extensions where access is a problem, the muck truck is very quick and easy to use and fits through side gates with ease, recently we had to lay concrete where access was particularly tight, in the past I would have had 3 men on the job, now, using the muck truck it just needed 2 men, one using the muck truck and the other finishing the concrete, when barrowing the concrete I would say we were able to carry at least 4 times the amount using the muck truck than we would have with a normal wheelbarrow with the guys being “completely finished by the end of the day`s work”, we also have loaded it using a site cement mixer.

On your advice we also bought the muck truck flat bed attachment which we can change over in seconds, we use it a lot, to date we have moved paving slabs, blocks, bricks, mono blocks.

We use the muck truck for removing soil etc from customer sites; we use our ramps and load both the pick up and an Ifor Williams trailer which has drop sides

As you know we purchased separately the muck truck snow plough attachment last December, we have used it to clear snow on a number of occasions since, we have a large drive area and also a very large patio, I was amazed at how well the muck truck did the job, I would say about 10 times quicker than I have ever done it before, excellent!

Keith, I have been VERY pleased with my muck truck purchase and your company, you gave me excellent advice and guidance in my investment from the moment I spoke to you, please feel free to use me as a reference for any of your new customers, regards, Kevin.

Mrs Dawn Ellis & Glynis Pearson, Aria Equine Spa Company
Lowestoft, Suffolk
(Muck Truck Paddock Cleaner)
7 Horses spread over 7 acres, separated by electric tape, normally in 1 acre areas.

WOW, Keith we have put your Muck Truck Paddock Cleaner through its paces every day, having had a Tippa paddock cleaner for 10 years previously to your Trafalgar machine and being a hands on girl, and me & mum being 42 and 63 years of age, I am more than happy to let you know all the different ways we use the paddock cleaner and the ways it is so much better and easier to use.

Due to the weather and snow recently we have had our 7 horses constantly stabled on wood pellets, therefore the paddock cleaner is being used for this alone twice a day, areas we found it is particularly good at, are sucking up the compacted wet bedding, backbreaking before, now we take your paddock cleaner into the stable and just suck it up, if I need to clean a complete stable and put new bedding down, before we would need to shovel out and sweep manually, now we just suck it all up taking just 20 minutes compared to 1 hour WITHOUT THE LOWER BACK PAIN!

The very 1st weekend we used your paddock cleaner to clear an area of 4 acres that 5 horses had been on, due to the weather conditions there was 2 weeks worth to poo, it took just 2 hours to clean and the Trafalgar paddock vacuum was fantastic, not only was the suction superb and it got EVERYTHING up I was also able to get into every part of the paddock, even my field shelters, being a Self propelled machine, just BRILLIANT! So much better than our old towable paddock vacuum.

Me and Mum also find the whole machine light and easy handle, particularly the flexible hose and the black suction pipe that you hold, no need to bend over, just so much lighter than our old poo vacuum, occasionally, when cleaning the stables or field shelters our old machine use to block fairly regularly, in fairness the new paddock cleaner has blocked a couple of times where I have sucked up too much in one go, it normally happens when you suck up a mixture of poo, bedding and loose hay which has been dropped from the hay nets and they get mixed in together, with our old paddock cleaner it was an absolute nightmare to clean, because of the blade, you had to switch off the engine, it used to block in two areas, the pipe and the blade area, because the pipe was much bigger and heavier when empty, it was sheer hell to remove it and un-block it, then the area around the blade would also be just as bad to clean, I used to use a large screwdriver and hack at the poo etc, all this would take me about 1 hour to do, hence it became a pain in the ar*e to do! Since we’ve had our Trafalgar paddock cleaner it`s so much quicker, easier, MUCH less messy to un-block, 9 times out of 10, I just shake the hose and it clears itself, once I had to reduced the revs to tick over, opened the door and pulled through some hay where it was about to enter the collection tank, otherwise it`s been great.

Having an address like....“Woodlands farm”.... you can imagine we are surrounded by trees, you said it was excellent for sucking up leaves, well, you were so right, an area that would normally take 5 people - 2 adults on ride-on lawnmowers with grass collectors, me on the quad and our old paddock vacuum and my 2 kids racking up used to take us ALL day, I cleared the same area ON MY OWN in just 3 hours using your paddock vacuum.

We also have used the paddock cleaner for sucking up a big puddle of water by the paddock gate and vacuuming cobwebs from the stables, even through the meshed windows, it`s also great for keeping the area we fill the hay nets clean and tidy the suction gets the loose hay and seeds up, even through the pallet as well, it just does the job brilliantly.

Keith, Me and Mum are more than impressed with our paddock cleaner, everything you said it would do it is doing, and, beyond our expectations, please feel free to use us as a reference to both your product and your company, you have been a pleasure to deal with, good luck with business, we really feel that we have been well advised and looked after, thanks again.
Neil Simpson
Stockbridge, Hampshire
(Muck Truck MAX Dumper)

Thanks Keith for supplying our Muck Truck Max dumper, we use it to maintain a 50 acre private estate. In the main we use the Muck Truck in the closed quarters of the estate (about 5 acres I would guess) we tend to use it like a high capacity powered wheelbarrow, we have quite a lot of steps and lawned inclines to get to different levels of the grounds, the muck truck climbs the steps and drives up the inclines with ease, it`s at least 3 times faster than a conventional wheelbarrow and I can get a lot more done in a day because I am nowhere near as exhausted as I used to be when using a normal wheelbarrow.

We use the muck truck in conjunction with a small tractor and trailer, the muck truck carries everything from soil, hedge cuttings fallen branches, dead flowers, fallen fruit, leaves, just about everything.

From our first conversation to the prompt delivery coupled together with your obvious knowledge of your product and understanding our needs I feel the whole experience has been a pleasurable one and I would have no hesitation in recommending both your company and the muck truck product to any of your future customers

Sandy Easton
Hassall, Cheshire
(Paddock Cleaner)
We bought our Trafalgar paddock cleaner back in October 2009, it`s regularly used for poo picking 3 paddocks spread over 4½ acres which is on fairly flat ground. Myself and my wife both use the paddock cleaner with me in my 60`s and my wife in her 50s we find it very light and easy to use in every aspect, I would say 3 times quicker than when we used to do it manually!

Probably equally as impressive, to us anyway! We use the paddock cleaner seasonally keeping the 14 acre estate clear of leaves and debris, we have well in excess of 100 deciduous trees dropping their leaves etc, in particular we have 6 “Copper Beech” trees (Dirty trees), 2 of which are 80 Ft tall, which require a lot of clearing up after at different times of the year, the paddock cleaner is used for picking up the leaves, sheaves, kernels (spiky shells) to the beech nuts themselves whether closed or open. On top of that we also have 5 Oak trees shedding their acorns and leaves, when using the paddock cleaner for these duties I would say it is at least 6 times faster than doing the job manually.

Unfortunately we have just seized the paddock cleaner which has a 2-stroke Kawasaki engine, we contacted Fresh Group as they supplied us with the paddock cleaner originally, we got the same prompt and professional service from Keith, and he is supplying us with the replacement Honda 4-stroke engine.

I have to say the Trafalgar paddock cleaner is very light and easy to use, it`s has done a fantastic job for us and is a great time saver, I would thoroughly recommend both the Fresh Group and the paddock cleaner, 1st class service.
John Watkins
Bewdley Bank, Hereford
(Paddock Cleaner)
We used to have a big old Tippa paddock cleaner which broke down on us and we couldn`t get the spare parts as they have now gone out of business, after a few months poo picking manually we realised we needed to replace our paddock cleaner, we have 5 horses over 9 acres split into 3 paddocks, after careful consideration we choose the Trafalgar paddock cleaner based on the write ups and the fact it was much less to buy.

After talking to Keith about the their paddock cleaner and its “unique clean fan” suction system we arranged a demo, due to our commitments Keith came out on a Sunday (which I have to say impressed me), needless to say we were further impressed as Keith left us with the PC1000 model powered by the Honda 4-stroke engine. As well as it taking about a 1/3 of the time of manual poo picking I have noticed how much more fuel efficient the Trafalgar paddock cleaner is compared to our old Tippa.
Barrie & Judith Holt, Shipmans Barn Stud
Brentingby, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
(Paddock Cleaner)
We bought our 360° Swivel Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner from Fresh Group last Autumn and I have to say it`s been a “god send” both myself and my wife use it, we are 64 and 54 years of age (so no spring chickens!).

We find the paddock cleaner very easy to use from hitching up to the Mule, starting it up and actually doing the poo picking, the Honda 4-stroke engine is very easy to start, we like the fact that we don`t have to mess about mixing oil and petrol.

The paddock cleaner swivel function is very beneficial, dependent on the slope, we find being able to lock the swivel in various positions quite helpful, equally so when freely rotating the swivel function on flatter ground enables you to clean a much bigger area in less time before moving the Mule. The paddock cleaner does exactly what Keith advised us it would do, we operate over 22 acres with 6 to 8 horses, we rest and poo pick our paddocks, the paddock cleaner is used to vacuum 10 to 12 acres at a time, the land is generally sloped and the paddock cleaner really does get ALL the poo up (even out of long wet grass!!).

Since changing from the traditional Wheelbarrow method I would say the paddock cleaner is about 3 times quicker and it does a much better job, we have also used the paddock cleaner to suck up conkers out of our 4 acre field, again it was very impressive, it also gets used for cleaning out the bottom of the water troughs, around the stable yard as a general hoover sucking up loose hay, straw and shavings.

Overall, myself and my wife would sum up the Paddock Cleaner as very efficient and user friendly, from our initial enquiry to the delivery of the Paddock Cleaner it has been a seamless process and we would be more than happy to act as a reference to both product and Keith at Fresh Group.
Sue Denham, Windsor Horse Rangers (Charity)
Windsor, Berkshire
(Paddock Cleaner)
Before we bought the paddock cleaner we poo picked manually. It was slow, hard work and we had problems with getting up the poo from the long grass. We also had concerns with animal health – we need to clear the droppings up as soon as possible as well as worming as we have no facilities to stable the animals (we have 18 horses and ponies and 1 very special donkey).

The paddock cleaner is used by Tom, who is in his 60s and females ranging from teenagers to older women (me!). We also use it to suck up acorns, leaves and thistles and for sucking up a puddle that accumulates in the yard after heavy rain. We use our machine every day!

The service we got was excellent, as was the aftercare. I would have no hesitation to recommend Fresh Group to anyone.
Laura Johns and Sue Connelly
Hainault, Essex
(Paddock Cleaner)
I love the paddock cleaner”. Manual poo picking is slow, hard work (particularly in the long grass) and boring. It also gave me back ache. We also use the paddock cleaner to clean out the horsebox, suck up leaves on both solid and stony driveway areas and for cleaning the paddock drain ways. Keith provided an excellent service and advised us the exact unit we needed. I would definitely recommend his service.
Helen Bradley
Preston, Lancs
(Paddock Cleaner)
We use the paddock cleaner to poo pick 10 horses in 10 acres of sloped land. We did have some concerns about the health of the horses as to poo pick manually is not only slow, but you can never get it all up. We have noticed, since having the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner, it does a much more thorough job in considerably less time. One of the things we like about the paddock cleaner is, because of the balance of the machine and the plastic collection tank, the girls find it very easy to hook up and use. It’s also good for cleaning out the water troughs and sucking up acorns and thistles. We are pleased to be a reference.
Andy Lees
Brentwood, Essex
(Paddock Cleaner)
We use the paddock cleaner to poo pick all 9 acres of land. It’s a neat solution to a job which used to be slow and hard work. We also suck up leaves, acorns, thistles etc and clean out the horsebox. We had great customer service and it’s a great product. My only complaint would be the size of the petrol tank as it runs out after about 3 hours of use.
Pauline Sondell and David Cooper, Woodbine Farm Alpacas
Diss, Suffolk
(Paddock Cleaner)
We have the PC500+ paddock cleaner with the Honda 4-stroke engine, which we tow with our Hayter 13.5 HP ride on mower. At the moment we have 28 alpacas, but this will increase over the next few years to around 60. Before we had the paddock cleaner we poo picked every day for 2 hours. Now we do it every three days for 1 and a half hours, a HUGE time saving. We also clean the field shelters, which have shredded cardboard and straw in them. Initially we spent 3 years researching paddock cleaners as it was a sizeable investment. In 2010 we opted for a demo of a paddock sweeper as we liked the idea that you could just tow the machine behind you and it would collect up all the poos. We were put off for a couple of reasons: it was big and heavy to hitch up and therefore also required a more powerful towing vehicle; surprisingly when stationary the brushes would actually ‘burn the grass’ in the paddock. On the other hand the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner is hitched and towed with ease by our ride on lawnmower. I would definitely recommend the product - it thoroughly cleans the paddocks and even in long grass, and in particular in winter conditions, we have no problems. Keith, at Fresh Group gave us excellent advice and was a pleasure to deal with. Would be very happy to act as a reference – both on product and company.
Tim Hey, Inca Alpacas
Higher Chilfrome, West Dorset
(Paddock Cleaner)
Our paddock cleaner poo picks 4 acres of our 40 acres, but is high use land. It used to be hard work and very time consuming, but is now 6 or 7 times faster. We had a demo from Fresh Group, which we found useful to check out how it works. Keith gave us some good advice – his knowledge was excellent. We’ve had paddock cleaners in the past, but the Trafalgar is much lighter and easy to handle – much more manoeuvrable. It’s also good in the wet – I would definitely recommend it.
Cath & Tom Wordsworth, Newland Alpacas
near Selby, North Yorkshire
(Paddock Cleaner)
Three of us use our paddock cleaner – we are in our late 50s and tow it with our lawnmower, and our son, Benjamin uses it for his own customers , pulling it with his quad bike. We have the 500+ model and it’s very easy to use. We poo pick all 9 paddocks (with 46 alpacas). Before we had the paddock cleaner the job was time consuming and hard work – constant bending down gave us back ache. We contacted Fresh Group who came and gave us a demo. After thinking about it for less than a week we bought one and are really pleased we did. We saw Keith at a show last week and told him how happy we are with the paddock cleaner. We’ve got a conker tree over three of our paddocks and are now using it to clear them.
Ruth Tector, Checkley Green Alpacas
Checkley, Nantwich, Cheshire
(Paddock Cleaner)
We bought our paddock cleaner in February 2008. We have 5 paddocks (3 acres) with 14 alpacas and around 20 chickens. Poo picking used to be hard work and not 100% efficient when we did it manually – the land is sloped and contains a large amount of heavy clay. We would definitely recommend the paddock cleaner – in fact we’ve lent it to two other alpaca owners. It’s no problem starting and easy to connect to our ride on lawnmower and use. Keith is an expert on the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner system and explaining its unique way of working and the benefits it gives, particularly with sucking up alpaca poo which is very sticky and gooey. I would be really happy to act as a reference for Keith and the Trafalgar product.
Susan Bell and Zoe Hemsley, Alpine Alpacas
Tiffield, Towcester, Northants
(Paddock Cleaner)
We’ve had our paddock cleaner for over 3 years now. We have 8 alpacas, 3 horses and a couple of African Pigmy goats. We used to poo pick for an hour a day, seven days a week – now it’s an hour twice a week! It’s so much easier and we can also suck up the poo thoroughly from the long grass. We bought the paddock cleaner (the 500 swivel model) as we were impressed with the advice Keith gave us about the swivel over a fixed chassis machine and the time saving it would give us. We recently bought the plastic pick up tool, which is taller and easy to use and the hose is really light – the machine follows you around as you poo pick. We also use it to clean out the water troughs and for sucking up leaves in the field – now going to use it for conkers!
Nigel Durrant
(Paddock Cleaner)
I bought the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner to poo pick our 4 paddocks. We have alpacas, ponies, donkeys and chickens. Poo picking – love it or hate it, now I really don’t mind doing it with our paddock cleaner, which we bought in 2008. I also use it to suck up leaves and conkers and it does a brilliant job of cleaning out the water troughs and the livestock trailer.

In the days before we had our paddock cleaner the job was bloody hard work (backbreaking), and very slow and difficult in the long grass. The job is 4 times faster now and we get all the poo up!

I would definitely recommend Keith at Fresh Group and really pleased with the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner. In fact, the local donkey sanctuary borrowed the paddock cleaner to use on steep, hilly land and it worked well for them towed by a quad bike. I initially used a dolly trolley, but now use a quad bike, which is much quicker and more stable on hilly ground.
Lulu Oliver, Lusi Alpacas
(Paddock Cleaner)
We bought a paddock cleaner from Fresh Group and are very happy with it. We have 22 acres of land, divided into 12 paddocks – with 17 alpacas and 10 horses. We poo pick about 80% of the paddocks. Prior to buying the paddock cleaner we were poo picking manually with a wheelbarrow and fork. It was slow, hard work and time consuming. It was also impossible to get all the poo up in the long grass and it was hard going on the back and knees. We bought the Trafalgar 500 model that has the swivel function which really speeds up the poo picking (thank God, a job I REALLY hate).

We chose the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner because we can use all year and it is easy to hitch up and start. We also use it regularly to clean out the water troughs and suck up leaves, and since speaking to Keith recently we intend to use it to clean out the horsebox on his advice.

I would definitely recommend Keith at Fresh Group. His response was fast; he knows his stuff and matched the right paddock cleaner to suit our needs. Recently, when we needed a replacement hose Keith was at the end of the phone, it was ordered and arrived next day – an all round professional service.
Kim Barsoum
Lower Assenden, Henley on Thames
(Paddock Cleaner)
I bought a paddock cleaner when I first moved to the property. The paddocks were in a dreadful state: the ground had not been poo picked, the grass was poor with lots of stingers and dock leaves. With a fork, I manually cleared the poo, which was nestled into the long grass. With 19 acres of land and 14 horses, it was a back breaking exercise and I never really got the paddocks completely clean – a nightmare!

Since I bought the paddock cleaner the job is 3 to 4 times faster and the vacuum gets it all up with ease. I also use it to clean out the bottom of the water troughs and cleaning out the horsebox. As well as the time and effort it has saved, it has also reduced worming of the horses by 50%.

We researched the market and decided that the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner was the best option to suit our needs. Keith, at Fresh Group, responded quickly to our enquiry and obviously knows his stuff, giving us excellent advice and understanding our set up. We chose the Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner because it’s light and easy to use, including starting it up and emptying. This was important as it’s only me who has ended up using it (even though my daughter was supposed to be helping!). It also has virtually no maintenance costs.

I would definitely recommend this paddock cleaner and Fresh Group to anyone......in fact Keith has already supplied one to my neighbour. I rang him early on a Saturday morning and true to form Keith was there in the afternoon demoing the machine, which he left with her on the day.
Robert Moore
Ripon, North Yorkshire
(Paddock Cleaner)
The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaner is a ‘very good machine’. We poo pick one paddock, which is around 2 acres. It used to take 3 people an hour every week, but now takes a fraction of the time and we also use it to suck up leaves etc. Keith did a useful demo and gave us good advice on the product. The vacuum is easy to hitch and start up and very easy to use. Overall, ‘excellent’ service and product.

Please send us your thoughts and comments on our Fresh Group Products.

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