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Welcome to the Fresh Group

Suppliers of Trafalgar Paddock Cleaners, Muck Truck Power Barrows, leaf vacuums, litter vacuums, truck-mounted leaf vacuums, wheelie-bin vacuums, back-pack vacuums, litter sweepers, heavy pot movers, recycling balers and compactors, fork lift trucks and access platforms.

We supply quality machinery across the UK and Europe.

Our range of labour saving products will save you time, money and lots of hard work whatever your requirements are!

Product Introductions...

Muck Truck
The ever popular Muck Truck 4x4 mini dumper with its many attachments makes this narrow access pedestrian micro dumper a very effective time and money saving Powered Barrow suitable for any business that shifts materials around in either a wheelbarrow, skip loader or tracked carriers, then the Muck Truck is the solution for you.
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Trafalgar Paddock Cleaners
The unique Clean Fan Paddock Vacuum system we use ensures quick, easy and thorough Paddock maintenance, it is achieved with a minimum of time and effort, also, the clean fan Paddock Vacuum means ALL YEAR ROUND Paddock cleaning is achieveable. The Trafalgar Paddock Cleaners can also be used for vacuuming up leaves, acorns, conkers, dog poo and even to clean out the bottom of water troughs etc.
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Industrial Cleaning Equipment
Pedestrian or Ride on, Indoor and Outdoor Litter Vacuums and Litter Sweepers to suit almost any application. Specialist Wheelie Bin and Back Pack Vacuums ideal for litter cleaning and debris collection, the Back Pack Vacuum makes an ideal go anywhere Dog Poo Vacuum and is very effective in awkward to get at areas.
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Heavy Pot Movers
These Heavy Pot Movers are specialist trolleys designed for Large Pot moving around nurseries and for the landscaper typically reducing the risk of back injury.
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Recycling - Balers and Compactors
We supply a full range of balers and compactors for recycling of all types of materials, particularly Cardboard recycling machines and plastic recycling, glass recycling etc, Recycling practices using bailers and compactors can save you time and money, whilst helping save the environment, why not find out how to turn an expense into a profit!
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Used Fork Lift Trucks – “Trade”
(used stock changes all the time)!
We supply Fork Lift Trucks, both new and used Forklifts at trade prices, our principal has come from a Fork Lift “trade” background and can supply new and used Fork Lifts at the best prices with a full Service support set up.
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Fresh Group operate from Middlesbrough, Birmingham and Wokingham, supplying products to most parts of the UK.

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